North Macedonia

Situated in Southeast Europe, the Republic of North Macedonia is encircled by charming rivers and breathtaking, verdant mountainous regions. Its expanding economy and promising prospects in agriculture and trade make it an appealing destination for investors and entrepreneurs. The people of North Macedonia relish a culturally vibrant lifestyle enriched by the arts and local customs, alongside a civil law system governing their society.

The Republic of North Macedonia's strategic location at a significant crossroads of transportation routes, including the north-south path from the Danube River to the Aegean Sea and the renowned east-west trade routes linking the Black Sea and Istanbul with the Adriatic Sea, offers distinct advantages. Under a pro-Western government, the country embraces a civil law system accessible to both natural-born citizens and citizens acquired through investment.

Predominantly mountainous, North Macedonia features its highest peak at Mount Korab (2,752 meters) on the Albanian border, while the northwest region near the Šar Mountains boasts lush forested areas. The fertile valleys present favorable opportunities for agricultural investments.

With a moderate continental climate, the eastern part experiences milder winters and hotter, drier summers compared to the western region.

The nation prides itself on preserving the Macedonian language and culture, making significant investments in education, theater, cinema, literature, and other artistic forms. Its cuisine showcases a delightful fusion of Mediterranean, Balkan, and Turkish influences.

  • Investment

    Minimum investment of EUR 200,000

  • Benefits

    Minimum investment of EUR 200,000

  • Processing Time

    Two–five months


Through the North Macedonia Citizenship by Investment Program, foreign nationals have the opportunity to invest in the country and becomes an attractive destination for business investment and expansion.


Advantages of North Macedonia’s Citizenship by Investment Program

The program offers visa-free access to 120+ destinations. Citizenship applies to individuals aged 18+; children under 18 can apply via descent. Heritable to future generations. Strategic trade market access. European upper-middle income country with friendly culture, favorable taxes. No minimum residence or language requirement. NATO member, EU candidate. Access to skilled workforce, fast company registration.

Requirements for Acquiring North Macedonia Citizenship through Investment

Under the North Macedonian Citizenship by Investment Program, foreign individuals must invest either EUR 200,000 or EUR 400,000 through two distinct options:

Option 1: Invest EUR 200,000 per adult applicant for at least two years in a private investment fund established in line with North Macedonian laws to be eligible for citizenship.

Option 2: Invest EUR 400,000 per adult applicant directly into new facilities (excluding hospitality establishments like restaurants or shopping venues), providing employment to a minimum of ten people for an indefinite period of at least one year.

Required documents include police clearance certificates, a detailed curriculum vitae (CV), and proof of financial standing.

Process and Timeline of the North Macedonia Citizenship by Investment Program

To apply for North Macedonian citizenship, applicants must submit duly completed application forms along with the necessary fees and supporting documents. These documents comprise birth and marriage certificates, as well as a signed prospectus and share redemption papers of the government-approved fund. The program operates under the direct and rigorous supervision of the Fund for Innovations and Technology Development of the Republic of North Macedonia.

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