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From your aspiration to achievement, your Canada PR journey starts here!

Canada, which is regarded as one of the top immigration destinations worldwide, is renowned for providing equitable opportunities for all. The Canada Permanent Residence Visa offers individuals and families the opportunity to make Canada their permanent home, providing access to world-class healthcare, education, and diverse career opportunities. Many immigrants from all over the world are invited to Canada each year, in part due to immigration-friendly legislation. 

What is a Canada Permanent Residence Visa (Canada PR)?

A permanent resident is a person who is not a citizen of Canada but has obtained permanent residence status through immigration. Citizens of other nations make up permanent residents. A foreign worker or student who is temporarily residing in Canada is not considered a permanent resident. Most social and healthcare benefits to which Canadian citizens are entitled can be obtained through Canadian permanent residence. In addition to offering residents protection under Canadian law, the Canada PR visa permits them to work or study anywhere in the nation. A bearer of a Canada PR visa may petition for citizenship in Canada after spending a predetermined amount of time there. 

What are the most popular paths to PR in Canada?


There are numerous immigration plans with different requirements if you want to migrate to Canada and get a permanent residence visa. Some of the most popular ones are the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), and the Express Entry Program. To be selected for a Canada permanent resident card, you must receive a total of points depending on your profile's requirements, which include age, language proficiency, education, work experience, and other variables. 


 One may apply for a permanent residence visa in Canada under a variety of immigration programs or visa types, such as:

What are some of the benefits of Canadian PR?


 As a result, having a permanent residence in Canada has many benefits. 


What are the things that you cannot do as a Canadian PR holder?

 You are not permitted to: 

How much time do you need to spend in Canada to keep your Canada PR card?

If a Canada PR holder wants to maintain his or her Canada PR status then they must live in Canada for at least 730 days or 2 years in the term of 5 years. You do not have to spend these 2 years or 730 days in continuity. The amount of time you spend away from Canada can be applied toward the necessary 730 days.

What condition leads you to lose your Canada PR?

 When your PR card expires, your PR status will remain intact. 

 Your PR status will only be revoked if an officer finds, through an inquiry or PRTD appeal after a denial, that you are no longer a PR. 

What are the bank fund requirements for Canada PR?

 The number of family members listed on the application and the immigration stream are the only factors that affect the bank balance required for Canada Permanent Residency (PR). To prove that you will have enough money to sustain your family and yourself once you get to Canada, you must disclose your bank balance when applying for Canada PR. This is to make sure you have enough money to support yourself while you become settled in Canada. 


 The amount of money needed could change depending on your family's size and other variables. Please be aware that to prove you have enough money, you must submit bank statements from the last six months. The precise specifications could change.

 Demonstrated below is the money/bank balance needed in 2024 to obtain permanent residence in Canada. 

Number of Members 

Funds in CAD















What are the eligibility criteria for permanent residence in Canada?

 Mention below are factors that need to be considered for Canada PR eligibility:

Obtaining permanent residency (PR) is an easy and legal way to live in Canada. These are the conditions listed below for Canada PR applicants to be granted entry into the nation.

Eligible Age

 In Canada, a candidate seeking permanent residence must be at least eighteen years old. A candidate can clam points based on his/her age until the age of 46, after which no further points are awarded for the age factor. The immigrants falling under the age bracket of 18 to 35 are awarded the maximum number of points.

 English/ French Language Proficiency Examination

 Since English and French are Canada's official languages, a candidate seeking to immigrate must demonstrate their fluency in one or both languages. As a result, individuals must submit the results of their language competency exam via an authorized organization, such as IELTS for English proficiency.

 Educational Credentials Assessment

 An ECA is required for international students or skilled workers who wish to immigrate to Canada. It will facilitate the verification of their educational credentials by Citizenship, Immigration, and Refugees Canada.
Skilled Work Experience
A year or more of skilled work experience in or outside Canada, which is one of the most significant requirements for Canada PR. But to receive an invitation from the IRCC to submit a Canadian permanent residence application, a candidate must have worked in the primary NOC provided by him/her and the occupation must be in the demand as per the labour market requirements.

Conditions to Obtain Canada PR 

 The five-year Canadian permanent resident (PR) visa allows skilled professionals to enter the nation multiple times and settle there. But to be eligible for permanent residence in Canada, individuals must meet the next two requirements:

What is the list of documents required for Canada PR from India?
 Stated below are the documents required for Canada PR from India:

What is the application process for permanent residence in Canada? 

Mentioned below is the stepwise breakdown of the Canada PR Process:
 Step 1: Evaluation of Educational Credentials (ECA) 
 To demonstrate that their overseas education is equivalent to that of Canada, an applicant must obtain an Educational Credential Assessment, or ECA. 

Step 2: Language Proficiency Test
 Along with the IELTS score, the candidate requires a language proficiency report. This indicates whether the applicant's English proficiency meets the Canadian Government Benchmark Level (CLB) 7. 

Step 3: Apply for Express Entry
 The candidate can build an online profile on the Express Entry System after they have both required documents. 

Step 4: The CRS Rating

After completing the application, the candidate is assigned a score that is used as a cutoff point to evaluate applications. You are qualified for the Canada PR visa if you meet the necessary CRS score.

Step 5: Draw for Express Entry

The candidate then must wait for the regularly scheduled Express Entry Pool draw. A PR invitation is extended to candidates who score higher than a certain level. 

Step 6: Invitation to Apply (ITA)

Should your rank above the cutoff, an Invitation to Apply (ITA) will be sent to you. You have sixty days from the date of receiving the ITA. 

Step 7: Completed PR Application

Together with the necessary documents and Canada PR fee you can submit the completed PR application. Most of these applications will be processed by the government in less than six months. You will receive your PR authorization once your documents have been reviewed by the immigration officer.
What is the cost of Canada PR application process?
  Mentioned below is the fees associated with a Canada PR Visa 

Even though IRCC has predetermined the fees associated with the immigration procedure, there is still variation in the prices because of currency rate fluctuations. The brief breakdown of costs associated with the India-to-Canada PR application is provided below.



ECA report fee 

$ 200 CAD + (the fee can be more depending upon the different ECA body)

Language Proficiency Fee

IINR 17000/- (the fee can vary depending upon the test)

Canada Application PR Fee

$825 CAD per person (primary and secondary)

Canada PR Application fee for dependent child below the age of 22

$2300 CAD

Right to Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF)


Medical Exam Fee

INR 5,000 (can vary depending upon different states)

Police Verification Fees

INR 1000/-


$300 CAD - $1500 CAD

 Therefore, if an applicant is coming to Canada alone, they would need to pay about INR 1 lakh, and if they want to bring their spouse, they will need to pay about INR 2 lakh. 

What is the process time for Canada PR?
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) defines the processing time for Canadian visas as the amount of time it takes them to process your application starting on the day they receive it.
Mentioned below is the estimated time it would take to complete the Canada PR Process:


Processing Time


1 month to 6 months (depending upon the ECA body)

Language Proficiency Test Result

2 days to a week or more (depending upon the test) 

Express Entry 

6 to 8 months


12 to 15 months