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For many years, the UK has held substantial global influence in economic and political realms. London, as the financial hub, provides an international business atmosphere. Additionally, the country boasts top-notch educational institutions and embraces a diverse, global culture.

Country Information

The UK holds significant appeal as a global business hub and a preferred place for personal residence. Its advantageous location between the USA and Europe.

  • Population: 68 million
  • Languages: English
  • Economy: Leading trading and financial center, third largest in Europe
  • Currency: British pound

Country Overview

To discover more about the UK program, access the factsheet located under the residence tab. For any particular inquiries, feel free to get in touch with us directly.

Enquiry Factsheet

A brief overview of UK residency.

The UK is an incredibly attractive destination for both residence and business endeavors. London, a leading global city and financial center, hosts multinational corporations and renowned institutions. Its strategic time zone benefits international business operations. With a stable democratic government and respected legal system adopted by various countries, the UK ensures a safe and reliable environment. London's elected mayor and assembly focus on city enhancements.

The UK's superb travel connections make mobility effortless, featuring high-speed rail links to major European cities and multiple international airports. Its education system boasts top universities like Imperial College and London School of Economics, drawing students from around the world.

Property ownership is secure, with a well-established land title registration system. The UK's National Health Service offers excellent free healthcare, and the country houses some of the finest medical care facilities globally.

Investment-based residence overview.

To be eligible, applicants must demonstrate adequate investment funds for business development and submit a Home Office-approved business plan.

Enquiry Factsheet


Innovative, scaling business

Processing time

One–eight weeks

Key benefit

The right to live, work, and study anywhere in the United Kingdom

UK Residence by Investment

The Innovator Founder Visa targets individuals with relevant business experience and sufficient investment funds to establish and grow a new business in the UK. Before applying, the business idea must be assessed and endorsed by an approved body. Successful applicants receive a three-year visa, extendable for further three years or permanent settlement. The program offers quick residence permits, an international business environment, and access to world-renowned schools. Requirements include a viable business idea, investment funds, and English proficiency. The business plan must demonstrate innovation, viability, and scalability. The application is submitted to the diplomatic post, with approval taking one to eight weeks. After five years, applicants may apply for British citizenship. Detailed information is available on the Home Office website.

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