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Each day, individuals, private clients, and families, along with their trusted advisors from around the globe, depend on our expertise in international residency solutions.


Relocating to an appropriate country has become a progressively crucial element of international planning for private clients.

International Estate

Glocal Opportunities Real Estate stands as the foremost agency globally, providing exclusive properties in nations that host programs for residency and citizenship through investment.

At Glocal Opportunities, individuals of talent and affluence can break free from the confines of a single country for their lives and business ventures. Residence through investment programs, commonly known as golden visa programs, grant high-net-worth individuals the flexibility to relocate and enjoy living, working, studying, and accessing healthcare in their chosen countries of residence. The ability to change residences or hold multiple residences has become a crucial aspect of international planning for private clients.

Glocal Opportunities provides expert guidance on residence by investment programs in some of the world's premier locations, renowned for their business environment, quality of life, and potential for obtaining citizenship. Below are the comprehensive details of the most reputable and successful residence programs recommended by Glocal Opportunities.

Residence by investment programs

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