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New Zealand, with its stunning natural beauty and world-class universities, offers a unique educational experience for students seeking a global education. Glocal Opportunities Pvt Ltd understands the aspirations of students, parents, and overseas institutions, and aims to be the trusted brand that provides a comprehensive solution for their needs. Our 360-degree approach ensures that students receive guidance and support throughout their educational journey.

Study in New Zealand

Title: Study in New Zealand: Find Top Universities, Colleges, Courses, Fees, Scholarships Details | Glocal Opportunities

Description: Explore your dream of studying in New Zealand! Glocal Opportunities provides info on New Zealand colleges, scholarships, tuition fees & application deadlines. Find your perfect program & launch your international study journey today!

Why Study in New Zealand? 

Numerous universities in New Zealand admit over 30,000 international students. The following are the main reasons why an increasing number of overseas students want to study in New Zealand:

• The NZQA and NZQF have approved every course taught at New Zealand universities, assisting overseas students in their job applications across the globe. 

• In connection with the publication of New Zealand's 85-job "green list," 21,000 positions are now available to overseas students. In the process, bringing in qualified workers and providing them with a PR in New Zealand. 

• Scholarships from the government or the relevant university of enrollment are available to Indian and foreign students studying in New Zealand. In New Zealand, merit-based scholarships outnumber need-based ones. 

• While studying in New Zealand, students should anticipate that there will be a strong demand for Indian students in a variety of employment areas.

The Education System in New Zealand

The educational system in New Zealand is cutting-edge, contemporary, and adaptable. It generates leaders and citizens prepared for the twenty-first century by fusing tried-and-tested ideas with originality, inventiveness, and creative thinking. 

The focus of education in New Zealand is the student. Supporting pupils' ability to solve problems, process information, collaborate with others, and create and innovate is its main goal. Pupils can pursue various alternative career and/or academic paths to fulfill their potential. 

Student visa requirements for New Zealand 

For every level and academic program, there are different admissions to New Zealand. Indian students must achieve a minimum English language proficiency criterion for each subject. In addition, a Class XII minimum academic record of 75% and above will be necessary. Students with at least a 75% score can apply for Foundations and Diploma programs. It is required that students be at least eighteen years old to enroll in a degree program. 

It is crucial to remember that these figures are merely estimates; actual figures may vary from university to university.


• Additionally, the applicant needs to submit the following documents:

• Letter of recommendation (from a previous employer/manager)

• Statement of Purpose (SOP)

• Updated Resume

• Language Proficiency Test Report

How Can I Apply to Enter New Zealand? 

For your reference, the standard procedures for applying for admission are listed below: 

• Search for courses and colleges. 

• Get in touch with universities and check their websites for more information. 

• Make a shortlist of universities. 

• Take entrance exams like the GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS. 

• Write SOPs and request letters of recommendation. 

• It is essential to apply to universities that align with your interests.

• Attend interviews with the universities that have shortlisted you. 

• To study abroad, once accepted, you need to apply for a student visa.

Cost of studying abroad in New Zealand 

Thousands of international students study abroad in New Zealand each year, making it a popular study destination. And, NZ has less expensive tuition than in the US or the UK 

There are still living expenses such as housing, food, transportation, etc. even with reduced tuition. In what way study in NZ be expensive? 

1. University tuition fees in New Zealand

Public university tuition 
Foreign students are required to pay tuition in order to attend a public university in New Zealand. The amount varies based on your degree type, educational background, and length of study:

It can cost extra to pursue certain degrees in fields like veterinary science or medicine. 

Private university tuition

The cost of private universities is higher than that of public universities. Even if there are reasonably priced courses available, you should expect to pay tuition fees of up to +25,000 EUR per academic year. 

Most affordable universities in New Zealand
Auckland University of Technology – Bachelor starts at 3,990 EUR/year (approx. figures)

University of Auckland – Bachelor starts at 880 EUR/year (approx. figures)

At these two universities, just a few academic programs are offered at reasonable starting costs. The tuition for the remaining programs is within the ranges specified for public colleges.

Universities we recommend in New Zealand

University of Auckland

Media Design School

Remember that in New Zealand, the cost of tuition might vary from year to year. 

Scholarships to study in the NEW ZEALAND

As an international student, you can apply for several scholarships in New Zealand. They fall into a few different groups. They are listed below. 

• Scholarships provided by the government: The government of New Zealand provides funding for these. Examples include the New Zealand ASEAN Scholar Awards and the New Zealand Pacific Scholarships.

• University-funded Scholarships: Both domestic and foreign students are eligible for scholarships from the majority of New Zealand's best universities. Several well-known ones are the Lincoln University Academic Scholarships and the University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarships. 

• Need-based Scholarships: You can apply for this scholarship if you require financial aid to enroll in a degree in New Zealand. 

• Sports Scholarships: Students who do well in sports are awarded these. You will, however, need to provide documentation of your accomplishments. 

• Minority awards: Students from underrepresented groups are eligible for a small number of awards.

• Women's Scholarships: A small number of scholarships are available only to women. 

Government-Funded New Zealand Scholarships for Indian Students

A small number of international student scholarships have been funded by the government of New Zealand. Below is a tabulation of a handful of them. It is noteworthy that Indian students can also apply for scholarships that are only available to them.

Name of Scholarship


New Zealand Pacific Scholarships

This is offered to UG & PG students

New Zealand ASEAN Scholar Awards

This scholarship is provided for UG, PG, PhD & Diploma students

Short-Term Training Scholarships

It is open to students who undertake short-term courses

New Zealand Regional Development Scholarships

This is open to all programs

Commonwealth Scholarships

It is available for Master’s & PhD students

New Zealand Development Scholarships

It is open to students of all disciplines

New Zealand University Scholarships for Indian Students

Scholarships are available to students at almost all well-known universities in New Zealand; these may be awarded based on extracurricular activities, merit, or other factors. A list of well-liked scholarships can be seen below. 

Name of University

Average Amount (in NZD)  (these are approximate figures to provide a general idea and they are bound to get updated)

Name of Scholarship

University of Waikato

NZD 20,000

International Excellence Scholarship

Lincoln University

25% off on tuition fees

International Taught Master Merit Scholarship

Victoria University of Wellington

NZD 23,000 + first-year tuition fee waiver

Wellington Master’s by Thesis Scholarship

University of Canterbury

Variable amount

Owen Browning Scholarships in Forestry

Auckland University of Technology

NZD 2000 - NZD 7000

International Excellence Scholarship

University of Canterbury

NZD 17,000

Orion Master’s Energy Scholarship

University of Otago

NZD 15,000 + first-year tuition fee waiver

International Research Master’s Scholarship

Victoria University of Wellington

NZD 5000 - NZD 10,000

Tongarewa Scholarship

University of Auckland

Tuition fee waiver +airfare +medical insurance +travel allowance

ADB Scholarships

University of Canterbury

NZD 4500

John McMillan Scholarship


Intakes in New Zealand 2024

The application procedure and dates should be understood by students who are interested in studying in New Zealand. The precise dates of admission may differ depending on the New Zealand program and university. The two intakes that occur in January and July are the primary ones. New Zealand universities also have rolling intakes, which allow international students to apply at any time of year without having to fulfill any deadlines, in addition to these two well-known intakes.

Semester One: Depending on the school, the initial admission of the year begins in February or March 2024. The Autumn intake is another name for this intake. 

Second Semester: Depending on the institution, the year's second intake will begin in July or August 2024. The Spring intake is another name for this intake.

Rolling Intakes: Another distinctive aspect of the education system in New Zealand is the availability of rolling intakes, which are also referred to as flexible intakes. Instead of merely at the start of the regular academic semesters, rolling admissions enable students to begin their studies at any time of the year.

Below is a summary of the admissions offered for various university and college programs:



Application Deadline

Semester 1

February to June


Semester 2

July to November


Rolling Intakes

Any time of the year


 Top courses to Study in NEW ZEALAND and their fees

Which courses are the best, for studying abroad in New Zealand

There are many of the greatest courses available in New Zealand. Therefore, to aid in your decision-making, the following are the best ones to think about for your upcoming academic investment:

• Computer Science and IT


• Agriculture

• Psychology


Computer Science and IT

New Zealand universities that provide computer science and IT courses uphold strict international academic standards. For overseas students, these are some of the most sought-after courses offered in New Zealand. The courses include a wide range of topics, including software engineering, digital libraries, broadband communication, cyber security, machine learning, and human-computer interaction. Since everything is now digital, expertise in computers and IT has become unbeatable.

Top New Zealand Universities To Pursue

University of Auckland, Waikato University, etc

Average Tuition Fees

4500 NZ$ - 53,000 NZ$


Obtaining a business degree from a university in New Zealand allows students to seek higher-level management opportunities, including operating their own companies. This is the best aspect of the program. These prestigious MBA schools in the globe offer top-notch, internationally acclaimed courses in New Zealand. 

New Zealand is a popular place for MBA students to study for a variety of reasons, including cost and employment prospects. For example, in the corporate world in New Zealand, there is a great demand for business analysts.

Top New Zealand Universities To Pursue

Auckland University of Technology, Massey University,     etc

Average Tuition Fees

51,000 NZ$- 61,000 NAZ$


New Zealand has several universities that are among the top 100 in the world for forestry and agriculture. With some of the greatest courses in New Zealand available, the programs are focused on real-world learning through case studies, frequent farm visits, and research centers, as per the QS World University Rankings.

Top New Zealand Universities To Pursue

Massey University, Lincoln University, etc

Average Tuition Fees

20,000 NZ$- 40,000 NZ$


Over time, the field of psychology has experienced exponential expansion. There is indeed a growing demand for professionals in the field of mental wellness as more and more individuals pay attention to it. You can pursue this course without looking any further! These are a few of New Zealand's best universities where you can further your studies.

Top New Zealand Universities to Pursue

The University of Auckland, Otago University, etc

Average Tuition Fees

30,000 NZ$-45,000 NZ$



New Zealand universities award MBBS degrees that are recognized around the world. According to Q.S. World University Rankings, the University of Auckland's offering is ranked among the top 100. Opportunities for employment after earning an MBBS are four times more lucrative than those in India. These courses ensure practical exposure to go along with research-oriented studies.

Top New Zealand Universities to Pursue

Victoria University of Wellington, Otago University, etc

Average Tuition Fees

5000 NZ$- 1,02,000 NZ$


Top Universities to Study in New Zealand

Based on their ranks in the Best Global Universities overall, these New Zealand universities have been assigned a number rating. The scholarly community in Australia and New Zealand, as well as members of the global academic community, rated the schools according to their research performance. These are New Zealand's best international universities. 

New Zealand Rank 2024



University of Auckland


University of Otago


Auckland University of Technology


Lincoln University


Victoria University of Wellington


University of Waikato


University of Canterbury


Massey University

Job Prospects in New Zealand

The official government website of New Zealand outlines various avenues for overseas students to secure employment, particularly high-demand positions, within the country. 

This list may be of interest to international students studying abroad in New Zealand who wish to work in New Zealand. The following are a few advantages of working in New Zealand: 

• High Prospects of Employment Exceptional work-life balance (New Zealand rates #1 globally); 93% of students happen to find post-study jobs here; International student-specific job options.  

• Since Indian students work in New Zealand, they can escape the bustle of the big cities, which makes their jobs there superior to those back home. 

• High ranks for foreigners' quality of life.

• The ease of transportation combined with the decluttering of public areas enhances work opportunities in New Zealand following a master's degree. 

• Reasonably low cost of living; 

• Generally friendly environment: according to the Global Peace Index, New Zealand is ranked #2 for safety. 

Direct communication with employers is another option, and it's frequently found to be the most effective one. The lack of skilled workers in New Zealand has led to the emergence of the following in-demand jobs. For overseas students, employment in New Zealand is a veritable gold mine. Among them are:




• Manager

• Builder

• Surveyor


• Electrical engineer

•Electronic Engineer

• Civil engineer

Health and Social Services

• Clinical Psychologist

• Radiologist


• Gynaecologist



• Sonographer



Hospitality and Tourism

• Chef


• Automotive Electrician

ICT and electronics

• Mechanic

• Multimedia specialist (film animator)

• Web developer

•Software Engineer

•Telecommunications Engineer


• Environmental Scientist

•Food Technologist

Other market segments that presently offer employment prospects in New Zealand. Official 2020 statistics indicates that during the year are


• Public administration and safety 

• Education and training 

• Financial and insurance services 

• Professional, scientific, and technical services 

• Other services 

• Agriculture, forestry and fishing 

• Electricity, gas, water, and waste services 


Cost of living in the NEW ZEALAND
According to estimates from New Zealand universities, your annual expenses in New Zealand should be split between NZ$14,000–$21,000 (South Island) and NZ$17,000–$26,000 (North Island) for each academic year, depending on where you live. 

An international student's annual cost of living in New Zealand is 1,500 NZD. 

The cost of living for students in New Zealand is approximately 225.5% more than that in India. Therefore, it is advised that you allow an extra 32,000–35,000 NZD (16.77–18.35 lakhs INR) for your studies in New Zealand. 

Apart from the costs of tuition and insurance, international students in New Zealand should budget between NZD 20,000 and NZD 25,000 per year (or NZD 380 to 480 per week) for living expenses, which include housing/rent, food, transportation, phone bills, internet usage, and entertainment.

What is the cost of living in New Zealand for Indian Students?


Expense (in NZD) (These figures are estimated ones and are subjected to change)


NZD 10–NZD 12 for short distance


NZD 800–NZD 950 per month 


NZD 2000 per month

Visiting a doctor 

NZD 45–NZD 85 per visit


NZD 15 - NZD 20


NZD 20


NZD 200 per week 


When someone is planning to study abroad in New Zealand what are the intakes they should look forward to?

January and July are the two main intakes that New Zealand provides each year.

Which intake is the most popular one to study in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, the July or Spring intake is the most well-liked intake. It runs from July to November. There are many different programs available to students in this intake. 

Which exam of English language competency is recognized in New Zealand? 

In New Zealand, tests of English proficiency like the PTE, TOEFL, and IELTS are approved. 

When planning on New Zealand study abroad, what age gap is acceptable in the Universities?

In New Zealand, a 10-year gap is acceptable if it is supported by appropriate work experience, education, and skill development within that period. 

What is the IELTS Band Score needed to be eligible for a New Zealand study visa? 

Applying to study in NZ requires a minimum of a 6 on the IELTS overall.

What are some of the highest-demanded courses in New Zealand?

Some of the in-demand courses to study in New Zealand are:

•Computer Science and IT



•Business Studies



•Health Science

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